Before I go to Sleep – S.J Watson

Before I go to Sleep – S.J Watson.


Before I go to Sleep – S.J Watson



My oh my! What a thrilling book this was. A psychological thriller to the core and it quite literally deals with neuropsychological issues that keep you engrossed till the very end. As for the end? Well now it’s an ending that you just don’t expect and trust me, you will be floored by it.

This is a story of Christine, a 47 year old woman who loses her memory in an accident. Her memory loss is so severe that every morning is a new day where she does not recall events from the past at all, even from the previous day. She wakes up next to a stranger every day and the stranger has to remind her that he is her husband of 22 years. Then there’s a Dr. Nash in the story, a neuropsychologist who Christine is seeing but has to be reminded every day about who he is and what he does. He encourages her to keep a journal so she can recall some of her day to day events.

As the story progresses, Christine discovers that her husband has been keeping secrets from her. He tells her that she lost her memory due to a motor vehicle accident but she finds out otherwise. Why is her husband lying to her or is he? What else could he be hiding from her? She finds a long lost friend who she suspects of having an affair with her husband. So can she trust her with her doubts and fears? Does her amnesia get resolved in the end? What the heck is going on? Those were the questions that made it very hard for me to put this book down. 

Though the book is set in England, it has a very American feel to it. I don’t know if you hear the characters talking as you read books, but I usually imagine them speaking and I could hear the characters of this book speaking with American accents. (Just an irrelevant point I thought I’d make).

Turn of Mind – Alice LaPlante

Turn of Mind – Alice LaPlante.

Turn of Mind – Alice LaPlante

Recently, I’ve managed to pick up a couple of books on mental health issues as it is something I see on a daily basis with work but also because the mind is such a mysterious and fascinating organ of our body and I liked the premise of this book. Read ‘Turn of Mind’, a mystery novel about a surgeon, Dr. White who is in her sixties and suffers from dementia. The book details her progression into the disease where she cannot remember her children, often thinks her dead husband is around, leaves home and walks the streets barefoot yet can go into her old clinic and see patients and diagnose them. The book gives one a good sense of what the disorder can do to a person and how difficult it can be for the patient and the caregivers. There is a twist to the story (what’s a good novel without a twist?) as there has been a murder in Dr. White’s neighbourhood and the prime suspect is the doc. So the book becomes a page turner as you try to find out whether the doctor murdered her friend or not and why. There are also her adult children, one of them who often runs to mommy to bail him out of financial troubles.

All in all, an interesting book,often sad when you read about this brilliantly intelligent woman who is literally losing her mind but remains somewhat unaware of it. The writing style is sometimes frustrating, as the story moves all over the place and is hard to follow (just like a demented person’s mind). The book is written is through the eyes of a person with memory loss issues, somewhat disjointed, which is a clever way of writing but again not the most appealing as there were times when I just flicked through pages as I would get tired of the details and wanted to get to the meat of the matter.


“Fiona gave a little half smile. And how do you experience it, Mom?

As termites eating away at my emotions. Nibbling it at the edges at first, then going deeper until they destroy. Robbing me of my chance to say good-bye. You think , Tomorrow, or next week. You think you still have time.

But all the while the termites are doing their work, and before you know it, it’s no longer possible to feel the loss honestly or spontaneously. Most people start acting at that point. I’m not capable of that. Hence, no funeral. Hence, no tears. “