Desi Boyz – Hindi film

Watched Desi Boyz last weekend. Akshay Kumar and John Abraham starrer directed by Rohit Dhawan, son of all those madcap Govinda -Salman starrers’ director, David Dhawan. I can’t say that I loved or hated the movie. I watch Akshay movies with caution because you never know how ridiculous they will get and whether you will just give up and leave the movie half way or sleep through it, as I have started to do lately. (Not just with Akshay but all boring movies literally put me to sleep)

So, the movie is set in England. Do they make movies in India any more? Akshay is Jignesh Patel, aka Jerry and it was nice to see a Gujarati character played by a hero for once as everyone is usually a Punjabi fella. Not that this stopped this gujju from singing in Punjabi. I enjoyed his Gujarati dialogue with his mom, brief but funny. John Abraham is Jerry’s friend. He is the successful friend with a pretty girlfriend (Deepika P) while Akki is the loser friend.

So the movie starts out with Akshay coming into John’s apartment where Deepika has organized a surprise for John. Nothing noteworthy about the scene other than the fact that it was lifted straight out of a Hollywood film. I couldn’t for the life of me remember which movie it was but it was lifted frame for frame. Typical!!

Without going into too much detail, the film covers the struggles of Akshay and John and how Sanjay Dutt (who has Khalnayak music as his signature tune) bails them out. Akshay and John get to show off their muscles and much as I love John’s phyisque, this movie was a bit much. He looked extra pumped and somewhat grotesque at times with his bulging biceps. Whatever!! They are actors not eye candy so I should focus on their acting abilities. 😉 As far as acting goes, Askhay has become a caricature, very predictable and there were times when he was copying Paresh Rawal to a T. That was disappointing and annoying. John was okay, I didn’t expect much from him acting wise. Not that I expected Akshay to deliver much either. So the boys have fun while they can, make some money but then they have to become the traditional Indian boys too and get back to normal living and that is pretty much the movie.

Deepika was okay but who was that Bindu avtar who showed up as Akshay’s ex- class mate? She had a very vampish look. Made me somewhat uncomfortable as I’m used to those pure as Ganga, delicate heroines in Hindi movies. Saw Anumpam Kher after a long time, he was silly and all right but I was reminded of his versatility as an actor as I always think of his Saaransh and Boney Singh characters.

One thing about Akshay movies is that they have good music. One song that really stood out for me, music wise, was ‘Allah maaf kare’ though the laat maar dance style went right over my head.

It’s a good time pass kind of movie. I’d say 3.5 stars out of 5.


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