Review of Chashme Baddoor 2013

Har ik friend kameena hota hai – this is the refrain of the remade Chashme Baddoor 2013 and quite aptly so, at least in the context of the film.

Now if you’ve seen the original Chashme Baddoor, you may cringe and roll your eyes at the maliyametoing the film’s director, David Dhawan has done of the original film. Yet, if you watch the movie with an open mind and a light heart, you will enjoy its silliness and loudness – a trademark of Dhawan films.

The film is the story of 3 friends played by Ali Zafar, Siddharth and Divyendu Sharma, college boys with no money, lots of debt, one panga after another and generally a bindaas lifestyle.  A new girl, Tapasee Pannu, comes to their neighbourhood in Goa and the story revolves around their vying for her attention and love. Drama ensues and it flits between comedy and tragedy. 

The dialogue is crisp, crazy and seems to be ad libbed quite often. The film moves at breakneck speed and reminds you of a Nickelodeon show (one of the partners of the film) – bright colours, loud music and exaggerated acting. The actors are no Farooque Shaikhs or Rakesh Bedis and I wasn’t expecting them to be so I wasn’t too disappointed.

Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher are veteran actors and held their place in the film. Rishi is Joseph who falls in love with Lillette Dubey aka Josephine and they make a cute couple.  Anupam Kher never fails, he is in a class of his own and is an absolute hoot. He plays Santru and Cheeku (double role. Haanji!) and everytime he appears on the screen, he has you in splits.

Was it anywhere close to the original? I wouldn’t even bother comparing them because CB 1981 was in a class of its own and the star cast was subtle and polished while these are newcomers who worked really hard but the total effect was more of today’s entertainment world as we know it, loud, garish and over the top.

The actors did a good job though. Pakistani actor, Ali Zafar played the sedate friend quite well, he definitely had an old man vibe around him. There were times when his style seemed to mimic Dev Anand’s. His friends played by Siddharth and Divyendu stole the show as they were energetic and fit the bill of kameena friends. Newcomer, Tapasee Pannu is cute and a natural with the girl next door look. She reminded me of Preity Zinta and it was refreshing to see an actress without a ton of makeup and a closet full of designer fashions.

The quips are too many and too funny to recount here but the ones that stuck in my head were:

Anupam Kher: Lahaul vila Kuvatt. Actor: Tum kahan jaa rahe ho? Anupam: Arre kaha toh, Lahaul via Kuwait.  

Actor: Film main tumhe swimsuit pehnana padega? Seema: Kyun? Actor: Kyunki film doobni nahin chahiye na.

A fun movie for a rainy day which will leave you in an uplifted mood when you exit the theatre.


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